Mombasa Eateries: Blue Room – Likoni Mall Branch

If you grew up in Mombasa, then you know Blue Room, opened in 1952 as simple place for serving exceptional tea, bhajias and BR ice cream. Today, it has become a household name for Ice Cream, Tea and meals. Blue Room was the place to go after going to Makadara where you are fed chips and chicken on that special Eid day. It’s the place for meetings, and dates and family gatherings. It is also a landmark for navigation in Mombasa.

As days goes by, they had to keep improving the restaurant. Today, Blue Room has opened another restaurant at Likoni Mall and its beautiful and warm ambiance brings the nostalgic feeling and memories of our childhood.

Life in Mombasa had a chance to sample the improved menu at the Likoni Mall branch:


Fresh bread, dipped in our egg mixture, pan fried and topped with cream cheese and our gourmet strawberry jam


Tender boneless chicken marinated in tikka sauce. Served with chilli mint chutney and fresh onions


Cooked chick peas served with paprika olive oil and focaccia bread


Grilled beef patty topped with cheddar cheese and caramelized onions, aioli, mayonnaise, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes


Marinated half chicken, flame roasted and served with our house mint chutney and yogurt


Mixed vegetables with paneer biryani

For Dessert – we had Brownies topped with Ice Cream and Blue Room Signature Caramel Ice Cream Cone.

Visit when you get time!

Check out their website for menu:

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