A day in Mombasa

This article appeared on the Nomad Magazine- April issue

Swahili Breakfast

The beauty of a Mombasa morning is the Swahili breakfast, you will wake up to the smell of Mahambri, mbaazi, and viazi vya Karai. A Swahili breakfast is any meals from the Swahili tradition, most meals cooked in coconut milk. You will find different vendors selling different kinds of Swahili breakfast in the alleys of old town, or any area you live in. My favorite Swahili breakfast is Mahambri (Mandazi) and mbaazi, Mbaazi is made of pigeon peas cooked in coconut milk. The combination is heavenly and tasty. I love it because it will leave you full for the whole day. Sometimes I change it with Viazy vya Karai with chutney, the packed potatoes combined with the spicy chutney gives you kick start for the day.

Old Town Tour

Old town Mombasa is full of rich culture and traditional architect that keep you inspired. The diversity in Old town is visible in the shops, and architectural aspect of the buildings. In addition, the various occupation displayed on the streets and Alleys of Old town make it interesting and fascinating. You can take a tour and enjoy the different historical and modern architect that blend in the alleys. One of my usual stop is Jahazi coffee house, a traditional coffee shop in Swahili style setting. You can seat on their Swahili style furniture and sip kahawa chungu, and relax. The interior reflects the Swahili traditions and culture which makes me feel right at home.

Biryani Lunch

After all the walking at old town, you will be famished. With the diverse backgrounds and assimilation of cultures, Mombasa is also known for tasty biryani. My to go place for Biryani is Kwa Maalim in Kingorani. I love it because it always taste like homemade biryani, most places put too much spices. But Kwa Maalim is just the right ingredients and cooked just right, I always feel like I am having homemade biryani. I have gone into biryani coma after having their biryani, basically meaning you just want to go sleep by the beach and listen to the waves crashing in.

Beach Life.

Living in an Island gives you endless access to the beach, what else is to do after having amazing biriyani then go to the beach and lazy around. My favorite beach resort is Voyager, they have an easy access to the beach and comfortable beach beds to relax and view the beach. With a glass of cocktail juice to cool down and enjoy the sea breeze. They have an infinity pool that is magnificent overlooking the sea, amazing place to watch the sun rise in the morning.


Sunset watching at English Point Marina

After a long day of activities, the best place to unwind in Mombasa is English point Marine. You can order a cup of coffee from one of the Coffee shop or restaurant and sip while enjoying the sunset behind the island. Located opposite the island. You can view the sun set behind the old town architect giving you a breath taking scene. The orange hues descending behind Mombasa Island, each silhouette representing Mombasa.  It will leave you feeling relaxed and calm.

Burger and Freakshake

An amazing night for is stopping at Flames Deli and Grill for a burger and a Freakshake, located at City Mall-Nyali. My usual is The works burger and Death by chocolate Freakshake, one of the best burgers in Mombasa.  The tender juicy burgers keeps me going back all the time, and the Freakshake is sweet and amazing. The death by chocolate Freakshake is combination of chocolate milkshake topped with whipped cream and brownie piece. Always puts me in a happy place.



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